The Ring Box

Even though I am already married and have been married for a year and almost 1 month. I had to try this box out. I was little annoyed I didn’t know about this when I got engaged! It is the perfect item to add to your planning or a give it as a gift to a friend or family member who just got engaged.

The September box had a set of pillow cases that said Mr & Mrs, a bracelet that said bride, a bride sleeping mask, a candle, a cookie, a book to write in for the reasons you want to marry your spouse and some recipe cards.

Consider this box for sure if you are engaged or know someone who just got engaged.


The Ring Box

The person that made the bracelets


FabFitFun Fall Box 2017!!

Oh my gosh its here!!!!

I am not sure how everyone else feels but I loooovvveeeee this subscription box. It is my favorite. I will always say that. Each season it gets better and better and I always get excited to see what they put in the box. The items they pick are so perfect for that season each year. I have no clue how they do it. I so badly wish I could be a fly on the wall for their brain storming or business meetings. Shoot… can I be an intern?!?!?! I love the cuticle oil, the scarf and mud mask in this years fall box.

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September Wine of the Month!

I so badly wish I discovered this at the beginning of the summer!! But then again I only got my hands on this beauty because my sister was driving to Maine for a trip and it was the only “local” place that sold this Electric Rosé.

Now that summer is coming to a close and starting next month I will have probably started on to my red season for wine. I had to give another shout out to another fabulous rosé. I came across this on social media. My sister tagged me in a Facebook article from cosmo. I immediately had to find it. Unfortunately, they only sell in Georgia, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Tennessee. I emailed them asking if they could start selling in western Ny some time soon and they are trying to expand where it is distributed.

This concept is genius. I have seen wine in can which is wonderful, obviously boxed wine is pretty great too. I just love that this is so handy, durable and portable. It is the adult version of a Capri Sun. Now parents can have more fun.

A caring bonus is that part of the money spent on a case of electric rosé goes to water 2 wines charity. Its a charity dedicated to providing clean and sustainable water sources to as many people as possible. I think its great when we can help others in a way like this. Not just because I love wine and buy it often. But if buying a product I enjoy helps someone else out, that is just an added bonus. Makes me feel humble because at least I know I am helping some how. I have donated to whales before because of a wine I liked so much.

If you live in any of these areas that they sell this wine too I encourage that you try it and maybe enjoy it while there are a few hot days left. Unless you can drink it when its 30 degrees out. To each their own….

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Electric Rose



YogaClub Box Conclusion….

Here are my final thoughts on YogaClub. While I love the idea. The idea does not fit my ass…. literally…. I received my exchange pair of leggings and they were by the company Varley. And the same thing happened… say hello to my bright pink panties….

In conclusion, if you have a big booty like me 🍑 YogaClub box may not be for you. I have canceled my subscription to them.

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My First YogaClub Box

I ordered my first YogaClub box a few weeks ago and I was so excited because I was looking for a new way to find workout clothes that didn’t cost a crap ton of money. I really liked this company because they send you brand name items. The cost of one box which is $79 for The Guru box which sends you 3 pieces. The Karma selection is $69 and that is 2 pieces and The Mantra is 1 pair of brand leggings for $45. I signed up for the Guru one and I went through my styling quiz. I got 3 items from FreePeople when my box came. Leggings, sports bra and a top. The leggings alone were originally $78 so right there the box is worth what you pay for it. I loved everything I got. The bra fit great and the shirt did too. Leggings were awesome except they weren’t meant for a curvy girl like me. They were horribly see through. Luckily I was able to exchange the item for different leggings and they did mark my account that FreePeople leggings are not a good brand to send me. The only thing I am worried about is their return policy or exchange policy is really odd….. It sounded like it was a 1 time thing or else you have to pay more which makes no sense. But I think the exchanging part is not like that. At least I hope. Will find out that’s for sure. I am on a every 2 months subscription with them and if I end up having to pay more some how to exchange or return an item I will be canceling ASAP.



“FAQs.” FAQs – Yoga Club,

August wine of the month!

I am a few days late for this but for a good reason. I wanted to combine my review of the wine I chose as well as showcase hydro flasks new release! They have made a wine bottle and a wine tumbler. I was so excited when I saw this that I ordered them immediately.

The wine I chose for the month of August is “White Girl Rosé.” Rosé has hit it big time this summer. It has become so popular in many ways and I love it. I have been searching for this wine with out having to order it online because shipping costs for alcohol can get really expensive. I came across this wine over the weekend while I was out of town in the Catskills here in NY for a wedding. Saturday morning after a late breakfast with my husband we were wondering around town near Hunter Mountain and I saw this small liquor store and I was actually looking for a local wine in the area and as I walked in I saw the “White Girl Rosé.” If the bottle was not $18.99 I would have gotten 2. Especially now after trying it, I wish I had more. But I thought it was expensive so I hope that this was just this liquor store that was maybe over pricing the wine.

This rosé is refreshing and wonderful. It has flavor and is not watered down. It is the perfect summer wine. Add this to your list of wines to try. Especially if you are looking for a good rosé like me this is a must. I am going to look at the website that you can order it from. It depends on the shipping costs but for a case of 12 it is $180 and I do not think that is bad at all. After doing the math of $180 divided by 12 it comes to 15 a piece for each bottle. That is normally my go to limit. The hydro flask tumbler is also awesome. It fits great in the hand and the colors they have are beautiful. The best part of hydro flask is it keeps things hot, cold, and room temperature. What every temperature you need, you will have with this product. They are the best water bottles out their and I am so glad they are releasing other items like these.

Hydro Flask

White Girl Rosé


Stitch Fix Unboxing!

If you have ever been curious about this subscription box you will definitely want to keep checking my blog. I am a monthly or every other month subscriber because I swear by this box. I plan to be posting whats in my box the week I get it.

When I first started subscribing I was so excited and let me tell you my first box was spot on. I could not believe that out of the 18 boxes I have received there have been 3 boxes where I sent some of the clothing items back. I have never sent a all the clothes back from one box.

This box I got for the month of July was wayyyyy more casual than what I ask for because the new job I started is on a construction site. I have to wear jeans, a t-shirt and steel toed boots. And when you see below they sent me exactly what I needed on top of a new cute top to wear out. The t-shirt in this box was my favorite item because of how soft and comfortable it was. I also liked the pattern. The pricing on everything was not the grand the total. The total was around the $220 range. They give you a discount if you keep all 5 items.

Scroll below to see the items and thanks for stopping by!



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