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Naked Winery Food and Wine Pairing

Diva 3

I am so happy to be bringing you this blog post of 2 of my favorite wines from Naked Winery. I paired them both with a meal you can make at home. This made my culinary soul so happy. I felt like I was back in school taking my cooking exams (I actually enjoyed that part of culinary school) and I think I passed this test with flying colors…. even though it wasn’t a test.

Naked Winery says it best as how to describe their company (About Naked Winery) They started in 2005. And what a community they have built. I visit Bend Oregon often and this is definitely one of the stops I have to make when I am in town. The staff at the location in the Old Mill District is so kind and fun to be around. I actually became friends with 2 of the girls who work their. So shout out to Kennedy and Jess for always making me feel right at home at the Bend location.


naked winery

I discovered Naked Winery 3 years ago on my 25th birthday. Naked Winery had already been apart of my life because their wine corks were in my center pieces at my wedding! (3 years ago Tuesday we will have been married!). My Aunt had shipped some of their wine corks to me when I was in need of a lot of corks for 12 center pieces for the wedding. I asked my husband if we could make a trip to Bend for my birthday because its my happy place. We were in the Old Mill on my birthday walking around and shopping when we decided to stop in because I had remembered their wine corks. We fell in love with the wine and the vibe of the winery/company. We signed up for our membership right then and their that day. And its been a beautiful love story ever since with Naked Winery.

Center piece

Naked Winery sent me the Diva Sangiovese and the Making Waves Albarino. The Diva is medium bodied wine, with aromas of pomegranate,  and cocoa. The tasting palette is of cranberry  with rich oak characteristics. I really enjoyed this Sangiovese as a summer red wine. I am normally very particular to whites and roses in the summer because I can’t handle the heaviness of a red wine in the middle of summer. But I personally did not think it was heavy at all. I really enjoyed it that night. I could have sat on my patio chatting with friends all night with a bottle of this. Summer campfire anyone? The Albarino makes me wish I was on a boat, on a lake just cruising around. It would be a great beach day wine. With aromas of coconut and pineapple. Flavors of ripe melon and juicy peach make it for a great summer wine.

I decided to pair the Sangiovese with zucchini lasagna rolls and the Albarino with a white fish in a wine, tomato basil sauce. Yum! Saturday night we started with the Zucchini Lasagna Rolls and they were so fun to make. I definitely recommend if you make these to make it a date night idea with you and your significant other because the rolling part of the Zucchini is a little time consuming. But I really enjoyed doing it together with my husband. Another way Naked Winery brings people together, good wine, and good food. So open your wine and get to rolling!

Opening 4

Dinner Prep

I prefer to decant my red wine and I have this super cute decanter that I found on Overstock. I also thought my dog mother wine lover t-shirt was fitting for this occasion as well. If you can spot my dog Brooke in the one picture she is there. She always likes to make an appearance. These zucchini lasagna rolls tasted so good! I always enjoy a lighter version of a pasta dish every so often. This Sangiovese would be great with a meat sauce as well. I made a loaf of garlic bread to go with the lasagna. All I do for garlic bread is cut a good loaf of Italian bread in half, thaw out some salted butter and add a couple of cloves of garlic to it and then spread it on. Heat your oven to 375 and bake for 20 minutes.

Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit 2

On Sunday I made the halibut in a white wine, tomato basil sauce. I was able to cook with the Albarino too because the recipe calls for a 1/4c of white wine. I only ever cook with wine that I would drink. This recipe is super easy, you make the sauce, and then pan fry the fish and finish it in the oven. I roasted some baby potatoes as a side dish. The recipe is for cod but I love halibut so I just switched the type of fish. This recipe also goes well with shrimp or scallop dishes. It is a great summer wine and this is a great summer dish.


wine 2


I have been truly honored to work with Naked Winery and bring you this post. I am a huge fan of them and I hope you visit them if you are near anyone of their locations in Oregon. They are also opening a spot in Vancouver Washington next fall. I can’t wait to visit it! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Wine mentioned:

Diva Sangiovese

Making Waves Albarino

Recipes Mentioned:

Zucchini Lasagna Rolls

White fish in a White Wine tomato sauce

Other things mentioned:

Wine Decanter

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August Stitch Fix Unboxing

I can’t believe the end of summer is here. I hope everyone made lots of good memories this summer. I am ready for fall. Fall is going to be a little different for me I think because I will be in Texas and I am going to miss all the fall events and things to do in Buffalo. But the adventure in Texas should be fun.

This Stitch Fix was a lot of fun. I got a super girly top which I love, a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, another shirt and a dress. The super girly top is by collective concepts. Its a kalai ruffle trim blouse. Its red with white speckles. A strapless bra looks best with this. I wore it to lunch with white pants, a jean jacket and a pair of heels from target that were camel color.


The second top is by pink clover. Its a katara cross front tank top. I wore this with a pair of pink shorts and jean jacket and some black sandals.


The shorts are by Margaret M. They are a lea printed short. When I wore these I just paired it with a white peplum t-shirt because of the palm leaf like style print on the shorts.


The jeans are from my favorite brand Kut from the Kloth. I love this brand. I find there jeans, shorts, capri pants are so comfortable and they look great.


The last piece was a knit dress from nine britton. It is a deliz crochet detail knit dress. I feel like this dress could be dressed up a little with a leather jacket or dressed down with a jean jacket while I run errands. I will definitely need this for Texas.


I kept everything in my box this month. It totaled at $227.76 after the buy all 5 discount of 25% and tax.


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Stitch Fix July Box!

Its the last day of July already and I can not believe it! We leave for Texas in a few weeks and its really setting in for me. I am little excited, worried, anxious, scared, and happy. Just a big bag of emotions. I enjoyed my month of July. I had a lot going on to keep me busy. I hope you all had a good July too!

I only kept 3 items out of this box, a dress, a shirt and a purse. AND! I did a beginner blogger fail and forgot to take a screen shot of the one shirt. It is the shirt I sent back but I still like to screen shot everything for my posts. I took a picture of the card they send with the break down of why they sent certain items and how to pair them with other clothing items. I should probably add that to my blog post as well anyway so I guess it wasn’t a total fail on my part.

I really liked all 5 items I just didn’t like the one shirt on me as well as the pants. I always try everything on. My Grandma always taught me to try everything on even if it doesn’t appeal to your eye. Normally I like it on me too after I do this. For the 3 items I kept the total was $185.28. Since I didn’t keep all 5 I didn’t get the discount. That’s really my only complaint with StitchFix is when this discount does and doesn’t apply. They were very nice and understanding the one time I wanted to exchange a pair of pants for a different size and they didn’t have a bigger size for me and they waved the fee since it wasn’t totally fair. I loved the pants they just didn’t fit right. That I really appreciated. They have some of the best customer service.

The shirt I kept was by Loveappella and it is an off the shoulder knit top size medium. It is so soft and comfortable to wear. I love off the shoulder tops even though they can be a pain some times because they push up and won’t stay down on your shoulders. I love the way they look. I actually wore this out the same night.


The second item was a purse by Sole Society. Its a blush pink color and a circle cross body bag. I also wore this the same day with the off the shoulder top. It looked super cute. I paired it all with a pair of white shorts.


The last item I kept was a maxi dress they sent. It is made by Market & Spruce. I originally was thinking of wearing this to the Beyonce concert in August but I changed my mind. I think I may wear it to my friends wedding in August. I am not sure if it is too tropical though. I have some better dresses I could wear that I have gotten from Stitch Fix.


The 2 items I did not keep were a pair of white boyfriend cut jeans by Just Black. I keep trying the boyfriend style on me and I am not sure if its because I am a curvy girl but they just never look right I feel.


The last item was a stripped top. I loved the way it looked when it was not on me. I put it on and I immediately felt like an old lady. No offense to anyone but I am not at that point in my life yet. And no need to speed up time with a shirt I would be wearing. So I decided to send back both of those items.

It is definitely easier to send back more than one item or none at all. Most of the time unfortunately if you send one thing back you spend more on the 4 items than you would have if you kept all 5. Again… that’s really the only downfall to StitchFix. I still constantly go back to them and I have tried Trunk Club, DailyLook and Wantable. Wantable is a close second but I haven’t gone back for clothes because after my second box from them I realized they do not know my size where as StitchFix is normally spot on every time and that’s why I still get the box.

Thanks for stopping by for this post! 🙂


“What Is Stitch Fix and What It’s the Box?” Cherish Everyday,

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FabFitFun Summer 2018 Box

Drum roll!!!!! The FabFitFun summer box is here!!!

This is one of my favorite subscription boxes out there. I would recommend this over a lot of boxes.

Lets get to it… This was definitely not as exciting as I was expecting it to be. I felt like it was a repeat of  items from previous boxes and specifically the summer boxes. I feel like it could have been better. I didn’t totally hate it but I wasn’t as excited as I was about this box. I am VIP so I do get the choice of some items over others and I didn’t really like my choices. The total value of this summer box was $335.99. The items sent to me were tarte Pro To Go Eye shadow Palette. I really liked this palette because it is perfect for traveling and the shades on the palette were neutral so very easy to use but I could spice it up a bit if I needed to. The second item was tarte Sex Kitten Eyeliner. It is super cute because there is actually a cat face on the cap of it. I love liquid eyeliner so I was excited to receive this product. The third item was Jaboneria Marianella Body Caviar. I can’t wait to use this because I love a good exfoliating scrub for my skin and it has charcoal in it as well and I am curious how it will work on my problem areas that have cellulite. The fourth item was a wallet wristlet by Minor History Postscript. I wasn’t impressed by it because it was too small for my liking and I felt kind of pointless to use. I feel like I would have been more likely to lose that on a night out with friends because its so small so I gave it to a friend who liked it. The fifth item was Orlando Pita Play Atmos-shield hair protectant treatment spray. This item was well needed because I never use a heat protectant spray…oops!!! My hair is pretty shiny but it could use a protectant spray. The sixth item people were really raving about because it is a very expensive item and it was the FOREO LUNA! fofo. Its a bluetooth skin cleansing system that has an app. It analyzes your skin for you. I can’t wait to try it out and see how it works and if it helps my skin. The seventh item was COOLA Classic Face SPF 50 White Tea. This wasn’t too impressive to me because last year we got the same type of product. I understand that sunscreen for your face is important but I still think it was repetitive. The eighth item was a jewelry holder from Pier 1 Imports. We just got a jewelry holder in our winter or fall box so I wasn’t too excited about it since I just got a jewelry holder from FabFitFun in one of the boxes before this one. Its a cute jewelry holder because it has a marble pattern on it but I really didn’t need another one. The ninth item was a paper straw that supports the Wild Life Conservation Society. I wish they would have given a pack of them instead of just one. I understand it was for a good cause but it was super random. The last item was a beach towel from Summer & Rose. While it is cute I am pretty sure we got a towel in the last summer box for 2017. I am good on the beach towels for right now.

I know I was a little tougher on my review but I pay $179.99 a year for this box and I expect the best out of them and its not that it wasn’t their best I just think there were ideas lacking for what should be in the box for summer 2018. This is just an honest review. I can’t wait for the fall box this year. I do enjoy this box very much so. Definitely try it out and give it a shot! My opinion could have been totally different from someone else’s. I plan on being honest in my survey they send out for each box.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!


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YogaClub Box Conclusion….

Here are my final thoughts on YogaClub. While I love the idea. The idea does not fit my ass…. literally…. I received my exchange pair of leggings and they were by the company Varley. And the same thing happened… say hello to my bright pink panties….

In conclusion, if you have a big booty like me 🍑 YogaClub box may not be for you. I have canceled my subscription to them.

Thanks for stopping by!

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My First YogaClub Box

I ordered my first YogaClub box a few weeks ago and I was so excited because I was looking for a new way to find workout clothes that didn’t cost a crap ton of money. I really liked this company because they send you brand name items. The cost of one box which is $79 for The Guru box which sends you 3 pieces. The Karma selection is $69 and that is 2 pieces and The Mantra is 1 pair of brand leggings for $45. I signed up for the Guru one and I went through my styling quiz. I got 3 items from FreePeople when my box came. Leggings, sports bra and a top. The leggings alone were originally $78 so right there the box is worth what you pay for it. I loved everything I got. The bra fit great and the shirt did too. Leggings were awesome except they weren’t meant for a curvy girl like me. They were horribly see through. Luckily I was able to exchange the item for different leggings and they did mark my account that FreePeople leggings are not a good brand to send me. The only thing I am worried about is their return policy or exchange policy is really odd….. It sounded like it was a 1 time thing or else you have to pay more which makes no sense. But I think the exchanging part is not like that. At least I hope. Will find out that’s for sure. I am on a every 2 months subscription with them and if I end up having to pay more some how to exchange or return an item I will be canceling ASAP.



“FAQs.” FAQs – Yoga Club,