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Root Cause Book Review

book review

A world without wine would be a scary place, and Corvina Guerra is investigating who is trying to harm vineyards all over the world. That is what Root Cause by Steven Laine is about. An experienced traveling  winemaker and her passion for wine and finding out who is poisoning the vineyards all over the world.

I loved reading this book because I felt like I was right their with Corvina, tasting wine, traveling to different places and trying to figure out who was to blame for the Phylloxera outbreak. The book travels to many parts of the world from Italy, to London, Spain, Ontario Canada and more. It is a thrilling book for any wine lover or some one who just needs a good read. When Corvina discovered the Phylloxera  on vines in a vineyard in Italy her and her friend Brian were immediately on the job of finding out who caused this to happen. They want to put a stop to this to protect the vineyard and many others. And what a ride it was reading the book and watching the story unfold. The action in the book starts right away. You don’t have to get through 10 chapters to finally get to some of the parts that have action. This book will not disappoint.  This book has me wanting a sequel.

About the book:

“Can you imagine a world without wine?

Corvina Guerra is a flying winemaker who dreams of one day settling down in her native Italy on her family’s vineyard. On a visit to a vineyard in Italy, Corvina makes a startling discovery: Phylloxera, a menacing plant louse that devastated vineyards in Europe more than a hundred years ago, has infested the vines.

After reporting her findings to her company, Universal Wines, Corvina is charged with investigating the spread of the bug. Nicknamed Philomena by the media, the aphid is soon discovered in vineyards around the world. To aid in her investigation, Corvina recruits a wine expert in London, Brian Lawless. In pursuit of its origins, Corvina and Brian embark on a thrilling globetrot on which they uncover that Philomena is a genetically modified strain of Phylloxera and is being intentionally spread.

The deeper Corvina and Brian search, the more they become convinced that Universal Wines holds the answer to everything, and the harder they pursue their investigation the more surprises pile up for both of them.

In spite of devastating consequences, Corvina and Brian vow to continue their investigation and do what they can to contain the spread of the infestation – but time is running short and they always seem to be a step behind. Unless they can find a way to stop the Philomena – vineyards around the world will be ruined for decades; potentially causing the collapse of the wine industry. Can Corvina and Brian get to the root cause and save the international wine industry from ruin?”


About the Author Steven Laine:

Steven Laine is from Ontario, Canada and has dual Canadian and British citizenship. He has travelled the world working in luxury hotels for international brands including The Ritz, Hilton, Starwood, Marriott, Jumeirah and Pan Pacific. When he was Beverage Manager of a five star hotel in London, he learned all about wine and has since visited over one hundred vineyards and wineries in Napa, Sonoma, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Lebanon, Australia, and South Africa. As the only North American ever invited to be a Member of the Champagne Academy, he had the privilege to visit and learn from the major Champagne Houses in France. His circle of friends is made up of winemakers, Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers, restaurant managers, and wine lovers and distributors from all over the globe.

Steven’s debut novel, Root Cause, will be released on February 19, 2019, published by Turner Publishing. Steven currently lives in Singapore and is now working on his next novel Dragonvine.




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Book review on “Grey”

Here is my opinion on. The book Grey a spin-off to the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.
I give it a 3 out of 5 stars and normally I go easy on rating books but this was just not as good as I was expecting and I honestly felt like I was reading Fifty Shades of Grey all over again. It wasn’t terrible but it didn’t have me not wanting to put the book down. You know those books you start reading at 9PM at night before bed and all of a sudden it’s 2AM because you have been so sucked in. Yeah that’s Fifty Shades. But maybe it was because I knew what happened already since I’ve read the whole trilogy but I was reading a different perspective which is from Christian’s perspective of the story.
I really enjoyed the trilogy and the deep story in the book besides the BDSM/ S&M and crazy sex-capades. And that’s why I wanted to read it because of a great story and as fucked Up as Christian was E.L James did a great job portraying it. As well as the sex scenes even though sometimes it got a little too intense and out of my comfort zone.
I get why she wrote Grey but at the same time I almost wish she hadn’t because I felt like we knew how Christian was feeling in the books already as it was.
All in all it’s not a bad read but I could have done with not reading the spin-off.

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