I am a 26 year old wine lover, tea connoisseur and foodie. I love all things lifestyle. I am born and raised in Buffalo NY. I currently reside in West Texas. I work in construction with my husband and we have a 5 year old yellow lab that is my fur baby.

This lifestyle blog will cover a lot of ground because I am into and passionate about a lot of things. Wine being one of them. But wine can be confusing some times and intimidating so I am here to explain the best I can and make it easier for you. Instead of you being worried about what wine you should buy for what ever celebration. Just ask me! I won’t recommend a bottle that’s over $20 unless its delicious and unless you want something a little more expensive. I will incorporate reviews on things I have tried out.  I also subscribe to a few subscriptions so I will be doing some un-boxings as well. I try out a lot of boxes and will be straight up honest when one is worth your time or it is not. Some health related topics may make its way through because I am a big person on self-care and health. Life is about balance!