Hey Everyone!

Nashelle Trunk Box is a quarterly jewelry subscription box. I discovered Nashelle on my trip to Oregon 3 years ago. My Aunt in Bend Oregon told me about it. I had to stop in and check it out because we both have similar tastes in jewelry. I love the store it is so cute and just very clean looking. I don’t mean like the how clean the store is and that there is no dirt or dust. I just mean the look of it and how everything is set up. I am headed to Bend in a couple of weeks for a quick surprise trip for my cousin and if I can I will stop in and get some pics of the store. Its a great place! There jewelry is not cheap but it is worth it because every piece of jewelry bought they donate a plate of food to someone local or national that is in need. How cool is that? I love helping people and this is the perfect way for me to help because I get a great piece of jewelry and I am also helping someone who is in need.

Each box that you receive quarterly is $150. That doesn’t include shipping/tax. Normally there is 5 pieces of jewelry that you will get and they throw in some extra stuff. Last year I got a beanie and a shirt. Its a nice perk! And if you wanted you can always re-gift the jewelry you don’t like or if you think of a friend or family member when you see the piece of jewelry. Not every box is the same for each season, they have boxes that are gold only, silver only and then a mix of both. I do a mix of both but I got all silver in this box. The box is small. It could fit in your mail box probably.



Some of the jewelry I am keeping and some I am going to gift to a friend that likes it because it wasn’t quite my style. There were 3 pairs of earrings in this box, a bracelet, ring, an anklet, and 2 necklaces. I like the ring that came in the box. I also like the earrings with the blue stone and the ones that are almost like a hoop. The wrap bracelet was cool. I have been loving wrap bracelets. The necklace with the small clear stones on it, I have been wearing as a staple now. The anklet, necklace and earring matching set I was not totally in to. It is a little too much for my style. But they’re nice!


I love this box. I have gotten lot of great jewelry from this box. I like that it only comes 4 times a year too. This wasn’t totally a favorite box but I helped out a lot of people since there were 8 pieces of jewelry in the box. The next set of pictures breaks down the box and the cost of each piece.


Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!