Each month I get more and more excited about posting my favorites. I really like finding awesome things to share with you all that I truly enjoy or like using. I decided since I love to cook that I will share a few recipes from Pinterest as well at the end of my posts each month. Feel free to look at my Pinterest anytime. I am still a very frequent user of Pinterest and thats actually how I find a lot of my recipes. So lets get into it!

The first thing I want to talk about is a pandora radio station. I love pandora because I always discover new bands because of it. I have been really enjoying the station by the artist Jakubi. If you like the Revivalists you’ll like this band. I love there music because it puts me in a good mood with the catchy beats. They are an indie/alternative band. Definitely check them out if you like that sort of music. As well as the Revivalists.


The next item I got off of amazon. They are these chalk markers that are super easy to use and write with. I love the colors in the pack. I ordered a chalk board from Magnolia. I can link that below incase anyone is looking for one. I love it and I didn’t think it was too expensive. I used the chalk markers on the board to make a sign for a our kitchen in our new apartment. It turned out great! I was even impressed with my penmanship too!


This next item is a must have to add to your purse. I never really believe the items that you see as an add on instagram or facebook but this one I just had to try. Its called the Bagnet. How many times have you gone to a public bathroom and there is no hook for you to hang your purse or coat? It happens to me all the time and it drives me nuts because I hatteeee putting my purse on the ground of the bathroom floor. Queue gagging noise. How gross right? I took the plunge and I ordered the Bagnet. I put it right to use right after that as well. I hook it to what ever purse I am using and I am not kidding you it works. When we were out with our friends before we moved to Texas and we hooked the Bagnet to my friends bigger purse and we hooked it to the table and then actually the metal beam on the ceiling and it still held. Silly me didn’t take pictures (face palm..) But I am not lying to you about this. If you purchase anything in this post… if you can… Bagnet all the way!!!


With the new ban on plastic straws I want to inspire you to buy glass straws. I was using them before the ban because I knew how bad they were for the environment. I like them for smoothies or when I drink water and lemon so it protects my teeth from the acid. I prefer glass straws over metal. I like these glass straws I bought because they are wide and tall.


Dry cracked feet anyone? Or am I the only one? I know its a gross topic to talk about but if anyone has had to deal with such horrible dry feet like me then this is the product for you. I have struggled for as long as I know, like probably since middle school with dry feet. I don’t remember ever having smooth feet. I would have taken a before and after but my feet are disgusting. I currently deal with a chronic fungal problem that my dermatologist can’t seem to help me with besides using lamisil. I refuse to take it because it wrecks your system and I am not about that. So part of the problem is dry feet. I probably could have built another foot with all the skin that came off, so it works super well. I couldn’t believe it. Its not a cure all product, I will definitely have to use it again probably every 3 weeks or so. It has helped my feet so much I was shocked. I wasn’t so ashamed to wear sandals!


I have 2 vacuum’s to talk about in this post. You know your an adult when a vacuum excites you or you get pumped at how well it works. When we moved into our apartment here in Texas, it has all hard wood floors except in the bedroom. We left our big vacuum at home because it was one of the things we didn’t need to bring with us. I wanted something cheap honestly because theres no point in spending $150-$200 on a vacuum for the 9 months were in Texas. I picked out a Bissell vacuum from amazon that was $25. It is light weight and bagless. Now it doesn’t do what I want on the carpet in the bedroom but it does make it easy to clean our hardwood floors because I have to do it a few times a week because of the dog hair and why dirt shows up more on hardwoods is beyond me but it does and it drives me nuts. This vacuum is pretty handy to have on hand for quick cleaning. Deep cleaning? not so much but if you need something for quick clean ups this would be a great vacuum for that.


The other vacuum option if you want just a hand held for quick clean ups is also by Bissell. Its a cordless vacuum. I bought this May of last year off of amazon because I wanted something to keep up with my car at the time because of the pet hair. Brooke spent a lot of time when we were in NY. I would take her to parks and my parents all the time. I really like this cordless vacuum. We also brought this to Texas with us. I have used this for my quick random clean ups like when I spill oats on the floor or flour from baking and its easier to just pull this out then the other vacuum. If you are looking for a cordless vacuum that is also good for pet hair this is a good hand held one. I use it on the couch too because Brooke likes to sleep on the couch.


Are you looking for new mugs by any chance for your tea or coffee? I fell in love with this glass mugs because I thought they were so clean looking and pretty even. I am a huge tea drinker so I needed mugs for while we were here in Texas and I was looking for an excuse to buy these finally. I love these mugs. They are heavy duty and just the perfect size for your hot beverage of choice. I have also used these to drink really any liquid out of them.



I love supporting small business’s on Etsy. I found this jewelry shop on instagram from another store I follow thats from Bend Oregon. They had a giveaway going on and I entered in to win the necklace they were giving away and then scoped out the instagram of the person who made the necklace and then also checked out her Etsy page. I fell in love. I loved the style of the jewelry, I loved that she was from my happy place, Bend OR, I also loved that she names her pieces of jewelry after places in Oregon. I had to indulge and order a few of her pieces. I also ended up winning the necklace from that giveaway as well which was so cool. I never win anything like that so I was super pumped.


Its about time I throw in some wine into my monthly favorites. I am not sure why I didn’t think of this before and do it. I found a rosé at Target here in Texas that I have been wanting to try. First thing though, it is so cool to be able to buy wine in the grocery store and Target. We can’t do that in NY so that was a nice change. The rosé is called Yes Way Rosé. I love it. It is dry, light and crisp. I definitely taste the tasting notes of citrus and white peach.  I am not the best at tasting notes. I want to get better as a wine connoisseur. That was one thing I was looking forward to with moving to Texas, my rosé season is longer because of the warm weather continuing on into November.


Anyone want a proper brew of tea? I love black tea and I love the way the British prepare it. When I was in London in March I felt right at home with my pot of tea with cream and sugar. Don’t knock it till you try it. It is a delicious comforting combo. I am loving Yorkshire tea right now as black or with cream and sugar. Well cashew milk and coconut sugar haha yes I did find a healthy way to do it.


While I was at my Aunt’s here in Texas I noticed something she had on her counter in her kitchen. It was this pretty and simplistic red wine decanter and I just fell in love. I was like I need something like that for my kitchen counter for red wine season. Red wine tastes better when its been opened and had the air hit it and it makes the tasting notes so much better. I went searching on amazon and a few other stores and finally find something similar on over stock. When I got it in the mail I did not believe it would fit a whole bottle. Well it did! It is really nice I love it. I have other decanters and honestly they are pretty but kind of a pain in the butt when it comes to pouring. This one is easy to use and doesn’t feel so awkward when filling up a glass of wine. If you love red wine I think this would be the perfect item for you.


The last item before I link some recipes is a candle. I have fall ones that I am burning here and there but I had to pull out this blackberry birch candle. It smells great. I love getting my candles from DW Homes. I had a friend tell me about this site. I prefer it over Bath and Body Works. I like there blends and the style of there candles way more than bath and body works as well. The top to this candle is so cute too. I love a rustic style.


Favorite Recipes:

Spiced Apple Bread– Try using unsweetened apple sauce. Grating apples was super messy but delicious.

Fiesta Chicken & Rice

Stuffed Chicken

Chicken Parm

Bacon Broccoli Pasta – I added lemon juice to my recipe

Butternut squash Enchiladas – these were fricken delicious!


Chalk Markers

Chalk Board


Glass Straws

Foot Mask

Bissell light weight vacuum

Bissell Cordless Vacuum

Glass Mugs

Fletch & Feather Co

Yes Way Rosé

Yorkshire Tea

Red Wine Decanter

DW Home Candles