Sorry I have been MIA with these “week in review” posts. I was slightly overwhelmed with the move and honestly realizing I live in Texas now. We are settled in and I feel a little more comfortable and not so out of sorts and or scared.

My last week in NY wasn’t too enjoyable. I have a hard time being around my Dad when its solo with out my Mom. But I made it through.

My husband and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary at a local restaurant in East Aurora NY called the Roycroft. If you ever visit WNY and or East Aurora its a great place for lunch or dinner. We really enjoyed our selves. I had a glass of rosé and he had a cocktail to start. We started with there home made pretzels with beer cheese and mustard. They were so yummy. We also had side salads as well. I had a stuffed chicken for dinner and my husband had a tomahawk pork chop. That was delicious. We aren’t huge on pork but we have it here and there. It was cooked perfectly. My husband had a local beer and then we had a glass of champagne each, well I finished my husbands after we toasted to 2 years haha. We split a hot fudge sundae and it was just really wonderful. A great 2 year anniversary.



I had a great “see you later” dinner with my wonderful friends and I got to meet my friends little girl finally. It was such a great night and I am so thankful for these girls. They make me so happy. I am so grateful to have friends like them. Theres nothing like it. We have gone to Chicago together and we went and saw Beyonce together. I know these girls have my back through anything.


I went and saw my Chiropractor one last time before I left. I am really going to miss him. He has helped me so much mentally and chiropractic-ally. I went Christmas shopping for my niece and nephew too that way I didn’t have to worry about shipping anything and it was at my Mom’s to take to them on Christmas. We shipped out Kurt’s truck with some of our stuff to head to Texas. And everything made it to Texas safely. We went out to dinner with my Grandma and Dad for fish fry’s. I actually shared chicken fingers and fries with my Grandma haha. We went back to her house because she had made some pies for dessert.


For our last weekend in town we got some friends together to a brewery in East Aurora called 42 North. I so badly wish we would have snagged some pictures with our friends but we were so focused on having a good time and chatting with everyone that the night took us away but in such a good way. I will remember that night for forever.


On our last night in NY we had dinner with my sister, brother in law, niece and nephew and my parents. My mom made me one of my favorite meals which is her stir fry. And then we went to see my Grandma so I could see her before I left. The pictures below are from my parents how where I grew up. Epic sunsets :).


We left at 6:30AM from NY to start our trip to Texas. I was sad, excited, and scared. Just so many emotions. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. I made it to Kentucky before I lost my shit. Just started crying and felt so overwhelmed. After my husband and I talked it out we almost got into a horrible accident which started more crying on my end because that is one of my worst fears and thankfully it never actually happened. I calmed down and then we made it to our destination for the night in Tennessee and that started more crying on my end because the hotel we booked was sketchy AF! But we figured it out and stayed at a Hamptons and Brooke enjoyed her first stay in a hotel.

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The 2nd day we headed to my Aunt’s from Tennessee. Brooke had her first pup cup from Starbucks haha. It was a long ride but so worth it to make it to my Aunt’s in College Station TX, GO AGGIES! I wish I could say I actually went to A&M for school. Who knows maybe one day if they offer a degree online. I would love that. We had dinner with my Aunt and Uncle and caught up on life.

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Thursday we spent the day with my family. We went and got breakfast at a donut shop in College Station that is actually on my Texas bucket list. Babes doughnut & coffee shop. I had a Southwest breakfast burrito and my husband and I split 2 donuts. A maple bacon and blueberry glaze. It was delicious and I even had a iced chai latte 😋. That was a delicious place to stop for breakfast. We had lunch with my cousin at C&J BBQ. Again…. SOOOO GOOD! We had a relaxing day just getting settled into Texas and catching up on work stuff and getting ready for the new apartment. I had scheduled a few appointments for myself to get back into the swing of things. We went out to dinner with my Aunt and Uncle that evening to watch some football. My Aunt and Uncle are so easy going. It was so great to be with them. I wish they lived closer to NY.


I was so sad to leave my Aunt’s on Friday but I was anxious to get to San Angelo and see where I would be living for the next 9 months. We had to drive to Weatherford to pick up Kurt’s truck and then drive separate to San Angelo. I only had to pull over once to ball my eyes out because I was so scared and anxious. Driving 75mph has me sooo freaked out. That is so weird to me because back home I had a slight lead foot. But here… I want to drive like a grandma. We made it in about 3 1/2 hours and we were able to move into our apartment that night thank god. We were welcomed in by a flash flood though. That was insane. I have never seen anything like that. Our Lull bed was delivered that day thankfully so we had a bed to sleep on. Kurt ran to the HEB which is our local grocery store for something to eat for dinner and we just ate and passed out. The next day we just ran a bunch of errands started getting a couple of things for the apartment like a couch, coffee table, tv stand, silverware, plates, bowls, a crate for Brooke and more. We didn’t bring a lot with us to Texas. I am hoping to be able to sell most of this stuff before we leave.

Gosh well I have survived my first 2 weeks here. What a whirl wind already. I am not even working yet and I am like woah this is crazy. I miss home, I miss my friends and family. But I am thankful for this opportunity. Yes if Kurt came home tomorrow and was like were going back to NY I would be like awesome lets go but this move is going to grow us in so many ways and myself in general it is going to help me grow and mature. I needed this. I needed to be forced out of my comfort zone of Buffalo NY.

I have had good Mexican food already. I just need to get ahold of a good margarita. We went to a great restaurant and actually had pizza and wings. And I was surprised how good it was. We had home made ice cream. Walked by a river with the pup. I had a delicious burger this past week. I also got a speeding ticket haha. Ooops! It was totally my fault and I am hoping the outcome after I go to court for it goes well and I hope they can cut me a deal. I feel more comfortable here and that I can survive these next 8 months. I have met so many nice people here so far and it makes me so happy. I hope that doesn’t change.

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