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I combo’d two months together because of my hectic schedule and new transition from our apartment, to my parents house then to Texas. I am still working on my Texas bucket list but it is coming along. I have been making my last stops to favorite places and spending a lot of time with my friends and family.

I have a lot of items to talk about. A lot of skin care. I think I may have gotten a good routine down. So lets get into it! I will start with electronics.

The first item I want to talk about is my the new FitBit watch. I got it in July. I waited the 4 weeks for the limited edition band color. Lavender and rose gold 😍! I am very rose gold obsessed. But then again what girl isn’t…..

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I was torn between the Apple Watch and this watch by FitBit. FitBit just released the FitBit Versa watch so it was good timing for me. I didn’t want to spend the amount of money that an Apple Watch costed and I did not want to be even more attached to my phone. I am trying to get away from that. I have been really bad about my phone at night. I made it 4 nights and I noticed a difference I just need to get back into it and keep it up! So any who! The Fitbit watch tracks your steps, heart heart, and sleep. It can play music and it has other apps you can use to as you can see in the pictures above. It has a 4 day battery life which is very true. I don’t have to charge it as much as the Fitbit charge HR that I had at one point. You can swim with it, which I really want to try out. I love to swim. It has personal coaching but I have not tried that out yet but I want to. So I think once I am back on my schedule after our move to Texas I will try it out. My favorite app on the watch is the guided breathing sessions. That is super cool! Its a quick meditation exercise. I can turn that feature on anytime I want. It reminds you to move. The goal is 250 steps per hour so it will tell you how many you have or have left that hour. I wish I had places to walk like my previous jobs because being on a construction site there isn’t much. So I do sit a lot unfortunately. This watch is seriously so cool. I would recommend anyone to check this out as a cheaper smart watch to buy. I don’t even use all the features on it which is bad but the ones I do use I really like. I have small wrists so it seems bulky to me but it doesn’t bother me too much. It did come with a black band and I should use the black band more often because I would be more inclined to wear it out when I go out because it would match my outfit. The charger for it is nice. Its a long chord and you can use your iPhone charger plug part and plug the USB from the watch charger into it and it has a nice little stand to hold it and that bad boy charges fast! I would say an hour just to get it back up to 100%. Possibly less time definitely not any less than a half hour.

I also bought a new Mac Book Pro 🙊! This thing is bad ass. The touch bar feature is so cool. I can spell check with it, edit photos, use emojis, and use the “Hey Siri?” feature. I can also log in with a Touch ID. I needed a new Mac because mine was 8 years old and just slowing down and slowing my work down haha! But of course once I transferred everything to this computer it was picking up speed and I didn’t even think I had that much stuff. This laptop will jointly be used between my husband and I. We got the biggest space available in the 13inch. Laptop’s have gotten expensive since I have boughten my other one. So I hope this laptop lasts us a really long time. I have had it for about 2 weeks at this point and I am loving it. I have a couple of glitches going on but I think its related to my parents super slow internet…. Apple never disappoints in my eyes. Price wise they do. I wish there products were more affordable.

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I want to share 2 YouTubers/ influencers. I love these 2 ladies. They both make great content on there websites and youtube channels. The first girl is Nikole. She is based in Toronto Ontario and goes by HealthNut Nutrition. I love her recipes that she comes up with. She is creative and so kind. She totally makes you want to eat healthier because her recipes just sound so good. She is a very talented human being. I wish we could be friends haha! Definitely check her website out if you are looking for some clean but delicious recipes. That is always my hang up with eating healthy and clean because 9 times out of 10 it is lacking major flavor or it has a weird texture. Today I had a vegan & gluten free chocolate chip cookie and it was bomb!


The next influencer I want to talk about is Amy Young. I discovered her podcast first before her youtube channel. She is insanely motivational. That girl will make you feel like you can do anything, because YOU CAN! She’s a no BS kind of girl, she gives it to your straight and tells it like it is. If you need some motivation during the week she posts Friday freestyles every week and I love them. I don’t listen to everything because some of it relates to break ups and I am married. But if I was going through a break up or hung up on some boy her other videos would be beneficial.


I finished a good book this month called “Letting go of Leo” by Simi Botic. Simi is a holistic and lifestyle coach. She helps women on how to learn to eat intuitively, feel confident in there own skin, and she makes you feel super empowered as a woman. I really enjoyed the book she wrote because it teaches you how to break up with perfectionism. She shares her stories on the situations she was in where she felt like they had to be perfect and why it is ok that they didn’t go the way she wanted. Her stories are funny and super relative. It was nice to hear some of her stories and go “oh my gosh!” “I am the same way!!!” It is a fun and quick read. I describe it as a good airplane book.


I have been loving a tea this month of August. Its by Yogi and its there sweet tangerine tea positive energy tea. I love Yogi. I think they make some great teas and they are fairly clean in my eyes with the ingredients in the teas. I have been drinking it in the morning in replace of my black, green or matcha tea. It smell’s exactly like a tangerine. It really does make me feel awake. I think I should try steeping a big jug of it for our road trip to Texas.


While were on the topic of drinks…. I tried a spirulina kombucha from a local juice bar and wow was that amazing. It tasted great and it gave me a lot of energy from the B vitamins spirulina has in it. They called it “The Blues.” I know health ade kombucha makes a greens kombucha or power greens and I really enjoy that as well. I love spirulina and chlorella.  I would link it below but it is locally made so I will link the health ade kombucha instead.


I have one more item before we jump into some skin care favorites. I purchased a few items from Dagne and Dover about a year ago. I stumbled across the company on instagram and I was looking around there site and I was like “Wow those are some awesome bags.” One of the bags I purchased was the Landon CarryAll in a size large. I have the medium as well and I really like them for weekend getaways, or as a carry-on on an airplane. It has a neoprene outside which makes it fairly easy to clean. I think its a stylish yet useful bag. It has a lot of space to pack what every your heart desires. They don’t sell the color I have anymore. I linked the bag below and they have a couple of colors to choose from. I used this bag as one of my carry on’s to Oregon and it was the perfect combo with my roller bag.

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Now on to skin care. I will start in the order that I use them. The first one is by Bare Minerals. It is there brilliant future serum. I also just started adding a retinol moisturizer to my skin care routine to help the aging process. Slow that shit down!!! I already have 2 grey hairs 😑. The brilliant future serum is really nice. I think I am going to see how it combos with the retinol and I may keep doing both instead of one or the other. It is an age defense serum. It is not super oily like some serums more of a moisturizer consistency. I really like it and I find that the combo of things I use now that it makes me feel really good to not wear makeup. I have a couple of blemishes here and there. But I have a sort of glow to my skin.


This moisturizer I am about to talk about is hell-a amazing! I was watching one of Ingrid Nilsen’s YouTube videos about a month ago and she was talking about this watermelon pink juice moisturizer. It is absolutely the most perfect moisturizer for summer time. I am basing it off of the fact that it smells just like watermelon and the beautiful pink color. If you put it in the fridge it feels even better on a hot summers day. The moisturizer is by Glow Recipe. They even have a mini size. I will be looking out for that next year for summer. I actually would use this all year long but I love trying out skin care products. They have a sleep mask too. But I don’t know how comfortable I feel with putting a mask on and risking the fact of smearing it every where because I toss and turn most nights haha! But definitely look into this moisturizer they even have a kit of the sleep mask and moisturizer at Sephora.


To finish the full face of skin care I use a face sun screen. I think it is really important. Especially since I am covered in freckles head to toe. I have had a freckle removed so I have to be super careful in the sun. I received this face sunscreen in last years FabFitFun summer box. I think this product is super affordable for a face sunscreen. It is water resistant, SPF 50, and it protects from UVA and UVB.


I love a good eye cream. I also love when products have vitamin c in them because that is a really good product for your skin. I was using a vitamin c toner from the same company that makes this eye cream and it is a staple in my skin care closet. The eye cream is from Avalon Organics. It is there vitamin c renewal line. You can find Avalon organics at Walmart or order it online. I love this company because it is affordable and there are no GMO’s, fragrances, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and it is bio degradable. They have changed the name of there eye cream but I found it on there website. They even changed the packaging. It looks great!


Lastly on my list of skin care is spot treatment. My esthetician recommended this product to me. I love it. I really need a product like this because I am a pimple popper fiend. I know gross. I also pick. It is unfortunately part of my anxiety. I am trying to curb the nasty habit and this spot treatment helps a lot. It is by the company emerginC. I am not kidding you this thing dries up a zit really well. It actually dried out my skin a little bit in one area because I had a few zits close to one another so just be careful of that. But I travel with this and use it daily on any little buggers that wanna pop up.


I hope you enjoyed this months favorites. I am excited for September and I want to do a post on what I am loving this Fall. I already have a few things in mind. I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend! Thanks for stopping by!



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