Ahhhh! I just love this box. I am obsessed and you would be too if you subscribed to this box. It would be my absolute dream to for with FabFitFun. I am putting it out there to the universe today that I will manifest it to happen. 🙏🏻

I had to have the fall box shipped to our apartment in Texas because I didn’t think it would be to me in NY on time and so thats why this post is late and you probably have seen people talking about it already but I want to talk about it and give my honest opinion on the items in this box for this season. I customized the box to my liking which is a wonderful perk of being VIP and then also saving $20 dollars. So lets jump right in!

The design on this box inside and out is so fall. I love the colors and the pictures they decided to use to design in. I think fall is my favorite season. The total value on this box depending on what you got or customized was $285.97-$375.94. How amazing is that!?


Once you open the box its nicely wrapped like a pretty little present that you so deserve!


Once you tare that open on top always is the news letter they send out about the box and things going on within the company.


The first item I pulled out was the Cobra bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth headphones are not cheap. I was surprised that these were in this box. I can’t wait to test them out. I have 3 pairs of bluetooth headphones and right now out of the 3 I only like 1 of them. So I am crossing my fingers these are as good as they are supposed to be. The headphones are $40.


The next item I pulled out was the Blue in Capri shower gel. I love shower gels and when they seem fancy like the one that came in this box. It smells bomb! Its all the scents I love in one bottle. Lemon, wild sage, and rose. You can use it as a gel or bubble bath. Oh sign me up! I have been saying since we moved into our apartment in Texas that I would take a bubble bath with some chocolate dipped strawberries in the big bath tub that is in our bathroom and now I definitely have to make it happen since I have this. It costs $22. As VIP I could have picked an umbrella or these headphones. I picked the headphones because I still have the umbrella from one of my other boxes from FabFitFun.


I had no clue Glam Glow made sheet masks. I thought it was just masks in a pot that they made so when I pulled these out of the box I was like wow this is a nice surprise. I think I may put one on tonight. Can I just say that another benefit of this box is that I genuinely think its a self care box. After I list everything in this box I think you will understand. The 2 pack of sheet masks are $18. We are up to $80 dollars worth of product with just 3 items. And you can get this box for $49.99 a month. If you want a discount feel free to reach out and I can send you my link that I send to friends. The VIP price is $179.99 annually. I enjoy saving a little money here and there.


They always throw in a freebie here and there and this time it was a Luna Rica Bar. I couldn’t eat it because I have an intolerance to peanuts but my husband said it was delicious for being one of the healthier granola bars.


The holy grail of beauty tools. They threw in a beauty blender. Do y’all know this thing costs $20 on its own!? Thats about half of the price of the box just for this little blender! I couldn’t believe it!


I am skincare obsessed. I don’t have the best skin and I could take care of it a little bit better but I love trying out new creams, cleansers, toners, and serums. As VIP I had the choice from Grown Alchemist of the Facial Exfoliant, day cream or cleanser. I picked the cleanser. It is super creamy and smooth. It feels great on my skin. The cleanser costs $49.


Another bath product yay! Which means more time in my big ole bath tub! I am not mad haha! This was another VIP customization you could pick. You could choose, eye cream, a duo lip gloss and then the Detox bath. I picked the detox bath because I love to relax in a nice bubble bath. Any of the VIP choices I had there was the option to pay extra to add the other items on to your box. I think that is a nice option to pay an extra $10 or $15 bucks if you are torn between products. The detox bath costs $39.95.


FabFitFun threw in some homewares in this box. They threw in these super cute tea towels. I love the color of them. They are subtle and I think would match anyone’s kitchen. They cost $14.99.

The next item was another one you could pick either or if you are a VIP. I picked the ceramic teapot over the French press because I love tea. This teapot is so cute and you could totally leave this out on display in your kitchen. It costs $26.

The last item I was so pumped about when I saw them show sneak peeks. Its a tote by Vince Camuto. Its made out of vegan leather which makes me super happy. But I immediately pulled it out and started using it that day. I love it. I wish it had a snap button to keep it closed but it is such a great tote and its worth $128! I can’t believe it. This puts my box at $357.94. That is just crazy to me. These are all items I will use and have been using. Do see what I am saying about it being a self care box almost?


This box saves you time, and money for sure! If you are looking for a way to treat yourself 4 times a year I recommend this every season to my friends and I encourage them to sign up for VIP so you save money and you get to customize some of the items for your box. Let the season begin!