Last night was a little bit stressful for me so I wasn’t able to sit down like I wanted to and write this out. So pour your coffee or tea and dive in…..

My second to last full week here in WNY was another full week. Monday I had my last laser hair removal and microdermabraison appointment. I have been doing laser touch ups on my arm pits and brazilian before I left for Texas to make sure everything was squared away. I started microderm about 6 months ago and I have fallen in love with it. It took my skin a little bit to get used to but I am starting to see some great results with it. That is one of the first things I am going to do when I get to Texas is find a spa that does it. For anyone in the WNY area looking for a place check out Advanced Aesthetics on Sheridan Dr. and see my girl Alex. I will link there site below. I then had dinner that night with my friend Caitlyn at one of our favorite Italian restaurants called Mangia. It was delicious and I always have a good time with her. I am going to miss out girls nights so much.

Tuesday through Thursday I was in upstate NY with my husband for work on another project so it wasn’t too eventful. I was able to see some of my old coworkers and helped out my old boss. I was able to get together with one of our friends and have a glass of wine with her and catch up.

Friday I headed to lunch with my Grandma and Mom to Ricks on Main. I had a souvlaki salad that was delicious. Souvlaki is one of my favorites! But I can never make it as good as a restaurant.

Saturday I went grocery shopping and took my Mom to the airport because she was going to the big apple for the US open for the week. I am super jealous! If I wasn’t leaving for Texas next week I would have bought a last minute ticket and joined them on there trip. I am not as big of  tennis fan as my mom but I love the city and I have only been there once in the 26 years I have been living in NY…….oops! I made some delicious stuffed peppers for dinner Saturday night.

Yesterday I went to church with my friend Jess. I have recently been getting into gospel music. One of the singers I enjoy listening to is Charity Gayle and she actually goes to the same church as my friend who I go with here and there. And she was there yesterday! I was so excited and she was so kind. My Mom is a huge fan of hers so I asked for a picture to send to my Mom. She was a little jealous. I stopped are core life eatery for a coconut curry chicken soup. I need to learn how to make something like that. It was delicious. I made steak shish-ka-bobs last night with a cilantro pesto. Another good recipe in the books.

I am hoping my last week in NY is a little less stressful. It doesn’t sound like it will be but I am not going to be a “debbie downer” about my life because it could be way worse and I can handle the drama with my Dad. All I keep telling myself is I have one more week and then I am gone and I have a long break from it all. I pray to god every day to help me through this. I have worked really hard to get to where I am now and I am not going to take 10 steps back.

For anyone else struggling with stress and anxiety right now I am in your corner and cheering you on. Keep up the good fight.

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