Get your glass of wine, cup of tea, La Croix or what ever beverage of your choice!

This week was super crazy for me. Monday is the start of a new week for me. I have always looked at a week like that since I was a kid. Monday through Sunday. Sundays were the days and nights to get ready for school the next day and then that quickly turned into the day and night I would get ready to start the next work week. AKA stressing about your shitty job that you can not stand…lol.

Monday was one of my errands day. I was all over the greater Southtown region of western NY. Dentist, SPCA, Target, Orthodontist, Cardiologist and then bible study. Whew! That was exhausting! It was a good day though. I loveeee my dentist. I have been seeing her since I was a weeeee little kid. She’s been able to see and be there for a lot of things in my life. This was my last time seeing her until I am back from Texas. I am so grateful to have her in my life. I stopped at Target and Ulta and then the SPCA to donate some of my dogs toys that she doesn’t like. Then I went to my orthodontist appointment and I am officially done with Invisalign! Woo!!! I just have retainers now to hold everything in place for 6 months and then I go to night time wear. I had a cardiologist appointment because I am having some skipping/ palpitations and I am hoping to get some answers soon. I am thinking it is stress and anxiety related because I am going through a big change right now with the move to Texas and I am having a hard time with it. The cardiologist scheduled a echocardiogram for me on Thursday and now I am just waiting for my results. Add me to your prayer list! 🙂 I greatly appreciate that. I went to bible study after and I have been enjoying that so much. Really expanding my knowledge and relationship with God.

Tuesday I had a skin check with my dermatologist and I’m thankful all of my freckles are good. I donated a bridesmaids dress I had and I am trying to sell my veil from my wedding as well. Wednesday I started my day with a medical massage and reiki at 7:15AM 😳 it was wonderful though. Then I had dinner with my friend Jess and her sister and we went to church and my friend Jess and I actually got re-baptized. It was truly amazing and healing. I am so thankful I did this. It felt so good.

Now here is the part where I vent/bitch about part of my week…. I had my echocardiogram and while the tech who did it was nice….my left boob never felt so fricken violated! It was the most uncomfortable and weird feeling. Parts of it hurt because TMI but I had just stopped my period so my boobs were still tender! The joys of being a woman… But it was so annoying and it felt like it took forever and I wanted to yell at the tech at certain points because I am like “Can you not push any harder on my boob?!!?” I went to dinner Thursday night and it was ok. I hate sitting at the bar to eat and my friend and I did and the bartender made me a very crummy gin cocktail and the bartenders were just super strange. Anyway! Not trying to sound catty but it was just an annoying day. But Thursday was the day I did get my new laptop and I was able to spend time with my mom, sister, and niece and nephew so that was really great.

Friday I picked up my last retainer from the orthodontist for my top teeth and then headed to lunch with my Aunt, Sister, Grandma and my other Aunt. I was so happy at this lunch because I don’t get to see my one Aunt as often anymore and it was just so nice to spend time with her. We used to go out to lunch as a kid for my birthday and my sisters birthday. We would go shopping and go to Olive Garden for soup salad and bread sticks (yum!). These women make me so happy so it was really great to have a good meal and catch up. I also got my hair trimmed Friday. I stopped dying my hair because I don’t trust anyone with my hair except my hair dresser here in Buffalo so we have just been trimming it. She is about to have her first child and I am praying I will be able to meet the little bundle of joy before we leave for Texas. I love going to get my hair done because she’s also a really good friend of mine.

Saturday I had my nieces baptism and then OH EM GEE!!!! I saw Beyonce and Jay-Z in concert!!!! That was insanely epic. They did such an awesome job. It was a great show! It was for sure the best concert I have ever been to. They know how to throw down a good concert.

Sundays I try to just chill out and relax. Reset from the week before. Reflect and get in a good mind set for the week to come. I spent my Sunday having breakfast with my Grandma and husband and there is nothing like my Grandma’s breakfast. I took a longggg nap because last night was a late night for me for the concert. And as I am finishing writing this I am spending time drinking wine, hanging with my Mom, Dad, Husband, Sister, Brother in law and niece and nephew. It is a good Sunday.

I hope everyone who reads this has a had a great week with the annoying parts and the good parts. I am enjoying my time with my family because Texas is coming quick so I am just embracing everything around me in Buffalo. I wish you all well and a boat load of happiness. Stay patient with what ever you are experience right now. You are on the right path for your life at this moment so have grace through what ever you are going through.

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