It’s late at night…. well for me anyway it is. I have been exploring my new Mac book pro that my husband and I got and a light bulb went off in my head for a blog post idea. I got the idea from The Lady Gang. If you do not know them, you should check them out if you like good humor. Anyway…. they do a skit at the beginning of there podcast called good week bad week. And I was like that is so genius! I like to reflect each day and write down what ever I am grateful for. This allows me to focus on the positives and own the negatives. My week isn’t over but I was just sitting here thinking about my positives and some negatives. I love the feeling I get from being grateful. Whether it is big or small. So I am pitching this to my followers as a possible weekly post. I figured it may be good for my upcoming move to Texas as well. It could start the weekly conversation and get you thinking about the good things and just embracing the bad for what it is and knowing it will pass. Hey! It could be one big vent session if you would like too! No week is perfect! Let me know what you think!