My first favorites post!! Yay!

I still can’t believe this was the last day of May. I hope everyone had a really great month and summer is right around the corner! Anyone have big plans or big trips? I would love to hear about them. I am traveling to Oregon solo in a few weeks for my friends bachelorette party and to spend time with family and another friend. That’s the only trip I have planned right now. I hoping to make a trip to Iceland but I am not sure it will work out because my husband and I are headed to Texas for thew next wind farm project we will be on. Where I am from it feels like summer already started because of the heat we have been having. I have a mixture of stuff this month and I think that’s going to be my goal each month for favorites is just what I have been using that I like. Anything from food, music, makeup, podcasts and clothing/accessory items.

For May I have 9 favorites. The first item is a cross-body bag from My Tag Alongs. I will link everything below as well at the end. I took this bag with me to Seattle and I really wish I had had it for our trip to Europe it would have been perfect. It packs easy because it is thin. It looks great because its black and will match with everything. I could fit exactly what I needed in it. I couldn’t fit anything extra for just in case items like my normal purse. But it is definitely a good purse for either traveling and or a night out. This company also has a lot of other travel items. Definitely check them out. Below is a picture of me in Seattle with it out. I was outside of the original Starbucks.


My new favorite thing to have in the morning with breakfast is this turmeric blast shot that I found at my local grocery store. They are actually made locally to NY. Not locally to where I live but in the state so that is pretty cool.  But for my local Buffalo peeps check your local Wegmans for this. I am big into cold pressed juices/shots. I am always looking for new things to take my health to the next level. Everything in this shot is so good for you. Lemon juice will improve your digestion and its good for the immune system. Turmeric is an anti inflammatory. Ginger is a great antioxidant as well as an anti inflammatory as well. And cayenne has numerous benefits as well like helping with digestion. Look in your local health food store, grocery store or juicer for something like this if you are into this sort of thing.

Next on the list is this fun matcha chap stick. I have been matcha obsessed for a few years now. I love how it tastes and the benefits of matcha. I order from Davids Tea a lot because I like their loose leaf teas and tea ware. When I saw that they released a matcha chap stick I was all over it. Its very glossy and smooth. I am a big chap stick girl I always have to have it on me.


To continue with this matcha theme I discovered a new matcha powder to drink. Its from a company called Four Sigmatic. I discovered them from a podcast channel I listen to Party In My Plants. I immediately ordered everything under the sun from this company because I loved what they were all about. I would actually like to do a full blog post on them because that’s how much I love them so I wont go too in depth about it. Matcha is a powerful antioxidant. I am not a coffee drinker but I have drank the coffee products from Four Sigmatic because I really like them and they even taste good with honey. I have been enjoying the matcha in the morning to start my day whether its making it in to a coconut milk latte or having it plain with just some hot water. Its also good as a pick me up for the afternoon. They describe this product so well on their website. It is linked below and just scroll down on the page and you’ll find the description.

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I’m smoking hot! and so are you! ISH is a new makeup company I discovered thanks to FabFitFun. I received this contour kit I believe in last years summer box. I took this with me to Europe and Seattle and its the perfect palette. I have the light/ medium shade and I just love the texture, color and how it looks on your skin. The name of it is bad ass,  because were all smoking hot. Excuse the dirtiness of the item. It is very well used.

I started a new book this year. Yes it took me 4 months to finish it because I take too long to read books even though I love to read. I finished this on my husband and I’s trip to Seattle. If you are looking for a self-help with faith type of book I really recommend it. I recommend it to anyone who has a relationship with God or is looking to have one. The author shares personal experiences she has had that have made her feel left out and lonely. This book shows you how to not feel that way anymore. Its a really fabulous book and how it is formulated with her stories of situations and how she leaned on God to help her through. It is a great confident booster and to make you feel like you are worth something.

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Everyone needs a sense of calm. Feeling calm is great. That has been a big goal of mine this year because my stress levels hit an all time high after the holidays and I have been on this path of finding my zen. I love these gummies because they taste great and I love what they are capable of doing which is keeping you calm. I am surprised something can taste so good and actually be pretty good for you. I have tried the powdered stuff that you can put in cold or hot water. But if anyone has taken too much magnesium before you’ll know what happens… if you don’t give it a google.

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My new favorite snack is this activated trail mix. It is so delicious with the combo of goji berries and activated nuts. If you are looking for a healthier trail mix that doesn’t have M&M’s in it and super sugary dried fruit this I think you would really enjoy. Its my go to now for long car rides, traveling on a plane or just a snack during the day. I bet it would be good on some plain yogurt too… yum!!!!

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Last but not least is my new favorite mediation app. I have download so many and subscribed to so many and this is the first one that I have been able to consistently keep up with and be able to understand how to use the app. I love breethe. I go between their one off section to learning how to meditate. They have meditations if you need a quick pick me up or only have 5 minutes to meditate. I think I have seen ones as long as 20-30 minutes. I have been trying to make it a habit since the new year and yes its been a struggle to keep up with. But recently I have been on a roll! I don’t mediate if I have gotten a massage or I go to my girl for microdermabraison because I consider that a form of mediation with the nice music and having this work done. I find both things relaxing. Meditating has many benefits it reduces stress and anxiety, lowers blood pressure, it can play a role in boosting your immune system and its great for brain development. I have noticed a lot of perks with meditating it has helped my anxiety a lot.


I hope you enjoyed my May favorites! Let me know if you grab any of these products for yourself and what you think!

Items Mentioned:

MYTAGALONGS Cross body bag

Turmeric Blast Shot

Matcha Chapstick

Mushroom Matcha

ISH Contour Kit

Uninvited Book

Calm Gummies

Activated Sprouted Trail Mix

Breethe Meditation App