It’s always a good day when a StitchFix box shows up at your door. I will probably say this a lot but I am still very impressed by the style, quality, the fit, and just how the stylists get it on point every time. There has only been 1 box in the 30+ that I have received that I have sent back everything in. I have not kept all of the items in the box before but that is few and far between. I actually wore a leather jacket to a concert over the weekend that I got from StitchFix and I got so many compliments on it. I swear my closet is all StitchFix now.

I loved the mixture of items in this box. A shirt, sneakers, shorts, jeans and a dress. The shirt is so cute. The brand is Sanctuary. It fits my figure so well. I could wear it grocery shopping, a country concert,  or even a lunch date with a friend. The sneakers I have worn twice and I love how they are casual but cute. I could probably wear them with a dress if I wanted. The brand of the sneakers is Superga. The shorts are bright and funky. And I was scared I wasn’t going to like them because of the color and pattern. I normally don’t go for bright pinks. But they’re a linen short so they are super comfy and loose fitting if that makes sense. Nothing like a jean fabric feel. The brand of the shorts is Kut from the Kloth. The last item was a maxi dress I asked for for a bachelorette I am going to in June in Portland Oregon. This dress is amazing! I should have taken a picture of the back of it because it has a little bit of a sex appeal to it in the back but it covers a t shirt bra which I think is amazing. I return or won’t buy certain dresses because I hate strapless bras and the sticky ones you can buy from target to cover your nips. I find both so uncomfortable. So to find a dress that is sexy in the back but I can wear a normal bra is such a beautiful thing.

I loved this fix so much but I love all of mine. I love the concept of someone shopping for me and sending me clothes. The total after the discount on this box was $296.19.


“What Is Stitch Fix and What It’s the Box?” Cherish Everyday