If you are looking for the perfect spa night at home, this box was for sure a steal for that. I was so glad I went and ordered it because now it is sold out! I think they are going to have more boxes but I am not sure what the plan is and how many they will do. This was a first for them. I almost feel like they should just do staycation boxes per season. I would love that! Hopefully they see this some how and see the idea because it would be a hit.

If you have not listened or heard of The LadyGang, you should look their podcasts up and listen to them. The 3 ladies are hilarious and I love what they have to say about life and life situations. Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek and Becca Tobin. If you watched Glee you will recognize or know Becca.  The 3 of them together are seriously like a power group. It is awesome. I love these ladies and what they represent. IMG_5827



The LadyGang