I so badly wish I discovered this at the beginning of the summer!! But then again I only got my hands on this beauty because my sister was driving to Maine for a trip and it was the only “local” place that sold this Electric Rosé.

Now that summer is coming to a close and starting next month I will have probably started on to my red season for wine. I had to give another shout out to another fabulous rosé. I came across this on social media. My sister tagged me in a Facebook article from cosmo. I immediately had to find it. Unfortunately, they only sell in Georgia, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Tennessee. I emailed them asking if they could start selling in western Ny some time soon and they are trying to expand where it is distributed.

This concept is genius. I have seen wine in can which is wonderful, obviously boxed wine is pretty great too. I just love that this is so handy, durable and portable. It is the adult version of a Capri Sun. Now parents can have more fun.

A caring bonus is that part of the money spent on a case of electric rosé goes to water 2 wines charity. Its a charity dedicated to providing clean and sustainable water sources to as many people as possible. I think its great when we can help others in a way like this. Not just because I love wine and buy it often. But if buying a product I enjoy helps someone else out, that is just an added bonus. Makes me feel humble because at least I know I am helping some how. I have donated to whales before because of a wine I liked so much.

If you live in any of these areas that they sell this wine too I encourage that you try it and maybe enjoy it while there are a few hot days left. Unless you can drink it when its 30 degrees out. To each their own….

Thanks for stopping by!

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Electric Rose


“About Us.” ELECTRIC ROSÉ | ROSÉ NOW COMES IN A POUCH, electricrose.co/.