If you have ever been curious about this subscription box you will definitely want to keep checking my blog. I am a monthly or every other month subscriber because I swear by this box. I plan to be posting whats in my box the week I get it.

When I first started subscribing I was so excited and let me tell you my first box was spot on. I could not believe that out of the 18 boxes I have received there have been 3 boxes where I sent some of the clothing items back. I have never sent a all the clothes back from one box.

This box I got for the month of July was wayyyyy more casual than what I ask for because the new job I started is on a construction site. I have to wear jeans, a t-shirt and steel toed boots. And when you see below they sent me exactly what I needed on top of a new cute top to wear out. The t-shirt in this box was my favorite item because of how soft and comfortable it was. I also liked the pattern. The pricing on everything was not the grand the total. The total was around the $220 range. They give you a discount if you keep all 5 items.

Scroll below to see the items and thanks for stopping by!



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