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Namastaygrapeful — June 20, 2017
My Favorite Spots in San Angelo Texas — May 23, 2019

My Favorite Spots in San Angelo Texas

If you ever find yourself in San Angelo Texas I hope this post helps you out. I lived in San Angelo for about 9 months. I found a few restaurants I liked and a few other places outside of food. Spa anyone? I tried to get as many pictures as I could of the places.

Here are couple of my favorite places.


Twisted Root Burger Co.

Twisted Root has some bomb burgers. Unique combinations for sure. They have awesome sweet potato chips, fried pickles and fries. I haven’t had a bad burger from there. And they have gourmet milkshakes as well as some boozy milk shakes. They are delicious!

Zero One Ale House

If you like craft beer this is the place for you. They have a great food of all varieties and really good craft beer. Texas in general has quite the arrangement of craft beer. I enjoyed it very much while I was in Texas.


Cork & Pig

This was my favorite place. I would eat here every night. I loved their wings, pizza, salads and steak. They had a great cocktail list, beer list and wine list. This is definitely my favorite spot in San Angelo.

The grill

The Grill

The Grill was so convenient for us. It was a minute down the road from our apartment. I liked there food and the cocktail menu. They had great happy hour specials for cocktails. They would also do seasonal cocktails. I wasn’t overly obsessed with there food but it wasn’t bad at all.

The Concho Pearl

The owner of this restaurant Kellye is a sweetheart. She actually catered a lot of our events at work and everything was always delicious. She has this restaurant as well. She knows how to throw down in the kitchen for sure.


Latest Scoop

I scream you scream we all scream for?….. ICE CREAM! Home made ice cream and different flavored waffle cones. It is all to die for!



There were a few bars to go out and listen to music and drink. I really liked this bar because they had a great outdoor section. Definitely a good time.


Christoval Vineyards

I saved the best for last. Oh my gosh… the grounds of this vineyard are straight out of Europe. They are beautiful. I couldn’t believe it when I was walking through. I felt like I traveled somewhere else and I wasn’t in west Texas. Even on their website it says “Come experience the Rhone Valley of France right here in West Texas.”


Secret Vineyard Day Spa

Secret Vineyard was my favorite place to go for a massage. I went to the same person while I was in San Angelo. Her name is Stacey and she does an awesome job. She reminded me a lot of the 2 people I saw back home in Buffalo. So she made me feel right at home.

The salon I was going to doesn’t have a website. But they do book through Vagaro if you use that app. Its called Burlap and Paisley. It’s such a cute place. The interior is very Texas like. Rustic and bright colors. It is located on 322 N Chadbourne St.

Reflections Day Spa

I was getting facials once a month back home so I wanted to continue while I was in Texas. I started seeing a woman named Beverly. She always did such a great job when ever I saw her. She really helped me clear up my skin and she always took such good care of me. If you go, there are 2 buildings. When you pull in its the one on your right not your left. I made the mistake of going into the salon first and I sat there for a few minutes and no one could figure out where I was supposed to go until someone finally connected the dots.

Wild West Wax

I found a great place to get my eyebrows waxed. Lynda did my eyebrows once a month. She is very good at waxing. She also books through the Vagaro app as well. I think she was going through a name change as well. It may be under Sunset Strip now.



Since I am a huge tea drinker, I was so excited when this place opened up. They have a huge variety of tea. They also had specialty drinks like the one pictured above. I hope more nobilitea stores open up around the country.


Those are my favorite spots in San Angelo! I hope you enjoyed this and it was helpful if you are ever in the area. Cheers!


“Home Page.” Christovalvineyards,

Prime and Wine Wednesday!! — May 8, 2019

Prime and Wine Wednesday!!

I wanted to start a new series on my instagram but because I don’t have as many followers as some other influencers, I need to utilize my blog more. I wanted to have a swipe up option in my stories and I also wanted to utilize “like to know it” app but I am also not “popular” enough for that. I am not complaining I swear. Yes it is frustrating because that would be easier but its ok! I will work with what I got and I hope this takes off.

I am constantly pouring myself a glass of wine and jumping on amazon. Can you relate? Friday night sessions, making wish lists and or buying too much stuff? I think amazon is awesome. I am always purchasing stuff I realized I didn’t get over the weekend while running errands. Like hangers and sandwich bags.

I will try to throw in unique items each week and common items that your household could use. I will feature one new product a week on Wednesdays. As well as a new wine. Or that is a the plan to do that. I may switch it up with a beer or cocktail but the main theme is Prime & Wine.

So Happy Prime & Wine Wednesday!!! Here is the first item I want to talk about.


Do you own air pods? I have had mine for over a month now. I love them. They are so convenient! I am so glad I finally bought a pair. I bought a silicone cover for my airpods so I could find them easier in my purse and protect them a little more. I didn’t want to spend $15 or more on a simple case. I have seen a lot of cases out there that are like $30 bucks! uhhhh no thanks! So I found a silicone case rated very well on amazon for $8.99. And it is prime so this case will be in your hands in 2 days.

I am pairing this buy with a Sauvigon Blanc that I picked up at trader joes. Vibrant, Fresh and Fruity! Cheers!!



Air Pods Case


Year in Review — December 31, 2018

Year in Review

2018…. wow what can I say…. sooo many things, sooo many feelings. I will keep this short and sweet though.

As I get older the years are just flying by. I used to think I would never hit a certain age and that it would take forever to get there. That is not the case after all…lol. Did anyone else feel that way as a kid/teenager? We were so quick to grow up and sometimes I wish I could just go back to that time because it was definitely more care free.

This year was definitely more stressful for me. There were so many changes that happened and I think years of stress caught up to me because I now suffer from stressed induced vertigo. It has subsided a little and some days I can go with out being dizzy. It unfortunately took till August before leaving for Texas for me to find this out. They wanted to put me on anti-anxiety medication but suggested  I start with yoga and meditation. Now that’s my kind of prescription. This diagnoses has taught me to slow down for sure. I definitely am more of a “1 day at a time” sort of girl now. I do worry and stress about the future and even tomorrow sometimes but that is ultimately out of my control. Which is also hard for me to let go of control when it comes to that.

On a happier note. I traveled a lot. I even made it to Oregon twice! That never happens and it makes me so happy that I was able to do that. Bend is my happy place. Oregon in general is but Bend is just a slice of heaven in my eyes. I have a whole blog post coming on my love for Bend Oregon.

I did a lot of simple and fun things the first couple of months into the New Year. I tried new restaurants, visited a salt cave, and enjoyed a bloody mary festival. My husband and I took a 2 1/2 week trip to Europe in March. We went to London, Paris, Rome, Alberobello and Berlin. It was an epic trip. We saw so many things, ate so much food, and embraced different cultures, especially when we were in Alberobello.

After our Europe trip I celebrated my 26th birthday and then headed to Seattle for a weekend getaway and to see some friends. Shortly after that I was at my friends bachelorette party in the Finger Lakes and then I was in Oregon celebrating my friends bachelorette party and visiting my family in Bend. My niece was born while I was in Oregon. When I got home from Oregon I started preparing myself for the move to Texas. We were 2 months out and I was preparing myself for a big change. Before we left I went and saw Beyonce and Jay-z live with my friends. I also made the decision to get re baptized. This was very important to me. One of my good friends got married as well. My husband and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary. And no… no babies. Just sooo many happy moments I had this year.

Moving out NY for the first time was super scary for me. I was excited but so nervous at the same time. I had never lived away from western NY. We were going to a town no one really knew. Middle of nowhere Texas…haha…west Texas. I was looking forward to the time I would spend with family I hadn’t been able to spend much with while growing up.

I made a quick surprise trip to Bend Oregon in November to surprise my cousin. It went over super well!

Texas has been quite the adjustment. Its been beneficial in some cases and stressful in others. It has definitely showed me that I am ready to find a place to settle down, just to be in one place and start putting roots down. I am very over the unknown feeling. I hope and pray my husband can figure that out in the new year. Whether we end up in NY or my dream can come true and we can live in Bend. We will see! There are so many things I am ready to do and start doing for myself career wise.

My word for 2018 was calm. I didn’t have concrete resolutions. At least any I can remember. I decided my word for 2019 is enjoyment. I want to enjoy every thing life has to offer, everything god is putting in front of me, enjoy this journey through life and where the next year takes me and my husband. I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years eve!

Cheers! And Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas Eve! What are you Grapeful for? — December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas Eve! What are you Grapeful for?


This will be short and sweet. I just wanted to have a more heart to heart post with it being the holiday season.

I am sorry I have been gone. I explained on instagram that I have not felt particularly motivated and creative. After my dog got sick my main focus was getting her healthy. And now a month later I feel very confident that shes ok and is on the road to healing. I feel motivated again because I decided to make a YouTube channel and separate my monthly favorite posts and subscription box posts. I am going to be doing those on my YouTube channel as well as some vlogs of trips I take here and there. Thank you for understanding and supporting me through this process. I don’t feel so bogged down anymore with all the posts I want to make. It will switch it up for me and keep it interesting.


It’s the end of another year and the eve before Christmas. I was reflecting a lot this holiday season because this year I am in Texas for the holidays. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving that was actually enjoyable and carefree. I actually wish more of my holidays back home were like that.

I really am “grapeful” for my family this year. I miss my family back home and I am thankful for the good memories we had. I am thankful for spending the holidays in Texas with family I don’t normally get to see or spend time with. I am thankful for my husband. I am “grapeful” for my dog being ok and healthy. I am thankful for my job, my apartment, my job, the sunshine, the warm weather and not having to deal with mounds of snow this winter. The list could go on and on.

Do you take the time each day to write down what you are “grapeful” for? I love using the 5 minute journal app now and that’s what I do every day now. I really encourage anyone to do it. I think it is so helpful for your mental health. What are you “grapeful” for? Is there anything in particular that you are “grapeful” for?

Cheers! and Merry Christmas!


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November Stitch Fix — November 12, 2018

November Stitch Fix

Happy November everyone! And welcome to this months StitchFix. I can’t promise this fully but I definitely want to step up my game with my photos when it comes to my StitchFix boxes. I am going to try to actually make a few outfits out of what I get in the box or use previous pieces with new pieces. Its time to step up my blogging game. But for November I am sticking with my standard screen shot of the items I kept.

I kept everything in my box this month and per the usual I am pretty pumped about every piece. The first piece is denim jacket by Liverpool. I love this brand. When I tried on this coat it felt really good and its heavier so its perfect for Texas weather right now and to pair with the jumpsuit that was sent in this box.




The next item is a hoodie. Well a hooded pullover lol. I am so excited to wear this Monday morning to work. It fits good, looks good, has a great texture/feeling to it. It is a great hoodie. It will be well warn.



The next item is one of my favorite brand of jeans Liverpool. They are dark washed jean and I love them because they will be perfect for my surprise weekend getaway for my husband to San Antonio next month. I want to dress these up with a top I got from FabFitFun’s style box that they just released.



The next item is a necklace by Nakamol. I love it. It is so pretty and will go so well with the jumpsuit as well. Its a longer necklace and this is actually only the second time I have received jewelry from StitchFix because I am picky and I normally wear the same pieces over and over. But I really like this necklace.



The last item is the jumpsuit by Skies are Blue. Another brand I love. I love this jumpsuit. It is comfy and fits really well. I am going to wear it to the fancy dinner for my husbands birthday next month. It is a gorgeous jumpsuit.




Thanks for stopping by for this quick read! Cheers!

The Wine Hook — November 5, 2018

The Wine Hook


I was super honored when someone from The Wine Hook reached out and offered me a wine hook to review. umm ABSOLUTELY! I actually had my eyes on this company for a few months and I was about to order one once we got moved to Texas and out of the blue someone contacted me and I was so excited. The wine hook was invented by 3 brothers from Green Bay Wisconsin. Go Packers!! At least I hope they are Green Bay fans…

After one wine hook got lost in the mail the second one arrived and I was so excited! I started attaching it to random stuff in my apartment just to test it out. I know its supposed to be used for camp chairs or out door patio furniture but I really wanted to put it to the test. I was even thinking I could use it on my counter top while I cook and just have it chilling there and my glass of wine be out of the way.

This is definitely a great item for any wino. It actually would be really good as a stocking stuffer if you needed an idea. The company makes other products as well like a dock to hold your drinks and phone, and a satchel to hold your bottle of wine on your camp chair.

I am proud to be an advocate for the wine hook. Its a genius idea! How many times have you been at a family gathering, camping, bonfire or your kids soccer game with your chair and you had no where to set your wine glass? Yes, I did use your kids soccer game as an example because if I have kids that will be me. It is the perfect item to add to your camping list or add to your bag for a family reunion. It would fit on a picnic table for sure.  I am all for supporting small businesses and I hope this turns out really well for these 3 brothers. Way to go guys!

Link is below go grab yours now!

The Wine Hook


“The Beverage Dock.” The Wine Hook,

Bloopers from the photography session with my husband thanks to our pup Brooke…. 

Rainier View Winery — November 2, 2018

Rainier View Winery

If you take the drive to Mount Rainier you will pass the road to this gem of a place. We saw it on our drive out to Mount Rainier and I looked it up on yelp and saw the 4 stars and I told my husband we are stopping on our way back.

When we pulled up we saw the small building where the wine tasting is and the nurseries where you can buy your plants. It was so cute. There is an epic view of Mount Rainier from their property.

My husband and I shared a tasting and ill cut to the chase… we shipped 6 bottles home we liked it so much. I tried everything from dry to sweet. The one I really enjoyed was the Glacial Blend they make. Its blue wine!! I couldn’t believe that I found blue wine. I am not a Chardonnay fan but I tried their dry Chardonnay and I really didn’t mind it. It was one of the better Chardonnay’s that I have had. It had peach notes to it. Their fruit wines like the strawberry and marionberry tasted like a handful of that fruit. They were really good. I couldn’t get over the range of wines they had. Everything I tasted was great. The Riesling, Merlot and red blend. I think I tried more than that but I lost track because the owners wife was so kind and was sharing so much good information with us. She sat with us and explained each wine and we just had nice conversation. The server that was coming with the wines was actually from the Norfolk area in NY so it was even nice to talk to her about the vineyards out that way where she grew up.

At this point the owner himself had stopped and introduced himself. I can’t get over how kind, personable, and wonderful these owners were. They are husband and wife. The husband learned how to make wine in Germany when he was in the military and stationed over their. How cool is that? I would love to learn to make wine from Germans or Italians. He told us a story about how when he first created the Glacial Blend and was testing out how to make it blue. Well he used actual food dye at first and some girls stopped by and drank it and they went out with blue mouths and weren’t too happy about it haha. I wouldn’t be either but it makes for a good story!

The owner was kind enough to give me one of his boxes with the Styrofoam in it that could hold 12 bottles. As well as a wine opener since mine got confiscated at TSA because I was forgetful and didn’t realize I never took my wine opener out of my purse… I am sure TSA thought I was crazy. I bought 6 from Rainier view and then 3 more at a winery on Bainbridge Island in Seattle. So it worked out perfectly.

If you are ever in the Seattle area you need to go to this place. It is homey and beautiful. I felt so welcomed by this couple and just had a great time while we were there. They have live music and events during the week. Its a great spot to stop at.


Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

\Rainier View Winery